Prost Weinclub is a monthly wine subscription service. Created by people who love wine, for people that love wine. Our staff take great pride & care in selecting bottles that are unique and are not easily accessible at your average store. Included are info cards for each bottle, so you can pair your wine with a dish that compliments it perfectly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS WEINCLUB? Weinclub is a way for us to share some wines that we love with our loyal patrons. We select wines that we feel represent the season, and that perhaps aren't easily available. We work with our distributors to be able to offer these wines to you at near wholesale pricing, as our goal isn't to make a profit as much as to allow you to expand your knowledge with us.

DO I GET TO CHOOSE MY WINES? Your Somm Selection will be chosen by us, but you get to choose which wines you would like to reorder. As these are not wines we carry year round, our access and special pricing are very exclusive

ARE THE WINES SWEET OR DRY? Our selections will likely feature more dry wines, as our personal preferences will create a natural bias. However with such an array of styles, regions and varietals being featured we're sure to have some sweeter wines as well. Our goal is to expand your palate and ours, so you can expect a good mix of reds and whites, too.

HOW DO YOU PICK THE WINES EACH MONTH? We think about the season and what we're personally looking for in wine for that time of year, a lot. We also sometimes just find a wine that we think is top notch and want to get it into more people's hands (and mouths). Sometimes it's a wine that we couldn't put on the menu because of price or availability restrictions, but we still want to get behind and showcase.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE A WINE I GOT? While we want you to love every wine, we realize that even the biggest wino has a least favorite. Hopefully you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and find something to like about each wine.

ARE THERE ANY OTHER PERKS TO BEING IN WEINCLUB? Yes! While getting access to a few new bottles of wine each month is obviously wonderful, the true perk is being able to buy more of those wines at an incredibly discounted price. You can order by the bottle, or get an even more discounted price by ordering by the case. You also have first dibs to all of our exclusive events including Wine Schools, Private Tastings and our New Year’s Eve Party.

DO YOU SHIP THE WINES? At this point in time, we do not ship your monthly selection. You will be notified each month when your wines have become available to pick up.

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