Prost founders

Zak and Korina McClellan were both born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Living in Sault, Michigan, Zak grew up to play hockey, traveling to Bozeman, Montana before becoming a Michigan State Spartan. Eventually Korina moved from Canada to the states to attend law school in Lansing, and now practices in the Tri-City area. Zak went on to play professional hockey in Texas for several years before moving back to Michigan. It was during a visit home in the summer of 2010 that Zak and Korina met at the Wild Beaver Saloon in Lansing. The following summer, they were both back in Michigan and in 2013 were married and residing in Frankenmuth.

Spending a lot of time traveling, Zak and Korina would muse over their experiences at different restaurants—the atmospheres, creativity and of course, the wine. They dreamed up a “feel good” place of their own, consisting of small plates, good conversation and great wine.

And then they started to make plans.

What was once Mac's Fudge Shop in downtown Frankenmuth became the building grounds for Prost!. Both new to the restaurant business, Zak and Korina called upon Mindy Lopus, a restaurateur and sommelier from Detriot. Mindy helped to create the proper structure of a successful business, and contributed immensely to the development of the wine selection and wine knowledge we have established here at Prost!.

Zak and Korina invited Chef Steve Grostick, owner of the Toasted Oak restaurant in Novi and now a representative of US Foods, to develop an array of small plates that would complement the wine and setting of their new restaurant. Thomas Miller, a Detroit-based mixologist, trained each bartender in the art of creating craft cocktails and offered a few of his own to our drink menu.

Finally, after countless hours spent working to create a place where people could gather to share in the experience that is now Prost!, their dream came to life.

We define ourselves as a gathering place built on the love of wine, with an appreciation of culture, served with a passion to inspire, but with visions of change.

Zak and Korina