Gluten-free and Worry-free


Did you know that nearly every menu item at Prost can be made Gluten free? It's true! The only exception is our Pesto Penne appetizer.

We carry Gluten free sandwich bread, hoagies and wraps. We scrub and sanitize all surfaces beween uses, and even wrap and baked sandwiches in foil to ensure no crumbs contaminate anything. We use a separate cutting board and knife and all of our chefs dilligently wash their hands and change their gloves.

Several of our dessert options are Gluten free, as well! We carry a decadent flourless chocolate truffle cake, creamy housemade vanilla bean Creme brulee, and fun and fresh housemade Macarons!

Looking at drink options? All wine is inherently Gluten free! We also carry several Gluten free or Gluten removed beer options. If you're strictly Gluten-free, check out the Sierra Rose Blackberry Cider, Virtue Rose Cider or Bravazzi Italian Soda; both ciders are made in Michigan, too! Glutenberg is a Canadian company that specializes in Gluten free beer, they utilize grains such as Sorghum, Millet, Corn, and Rye to create the flavors of beer without the gluten. We currently carry the Glutenberg Red Ale, Glutenberg Blonde Ale, and Glutenberg White Ale. Daura Damm is made in Spain, and while technically Gluten-removed, it has less than 6ppm of Gluten. We also serve Short's Space Rock American Pale Ale, which is crafted to remove Gluten.

Any other question? Our knowledgable staff can help talk you through all the safe and tasty alternatives we offer!

Prost! to Gluten and the lack thereof.

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